Certus' Services for Candidates

How We Help with Candidate Success

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
- Confucius -

Too many times we've heard candidates try to dismiss our services because of a bad experience they've had at other firms. This is truly disheartening to us at The Certus Group because we make every effort to support the drive, ambition, and goals of our candidates. Our Executive Recruiters engage candidates in "discovery" conversations. This not only provides us with more insight on the skills and abilities you possess, but also, your personal aspirations and career goals. This is crucial to partnering you with a client company where you not only fit in, but with which you want to stay and grow professionally.

Furthermore, we firmly believe that while your resume may provide a "snapshot" of your qualifications, we aim to put you in front of the client, where through a formal interview/meeting you can really shine.


Throughout the entire recruitment process, our candidates can feel confident knowing that we are also on their side. As the intermediary between all parties involved, we help to facilitate each step of screening, interview, and offer negotiation process.

The hiring process for each client and each position ultimately varies - much like the personal circumstances for each candidate being considered for hire. Naturally, questions and/or concerns may arise, and the answers could affect the overall outcome the hiring process. As trusted partners to both candidates and clients, we can effectively mitigate any potential 'hiccups' and help to fluid and agreeable experience for all.


Has it been a while since you've updated your resume? When is the last time you had a formal interview? Do you know how best to highlight your capabilities, skill set, and experience?

Regardless of your answers to these questions, know that the recruitment team at The Certus Group can help you prepare for your career transition. We welcome every opportunity to collaborate with our candidates, whether it is to revise an old, ineffective resume, or to brush up your interviewing skills.

We also have a multitude of resources that can help our candidates better hone their office skills and knowledge. Including, but not limited to, relevant texts, software simulations, sample tests, and skills assessments, we want you to be confident in your ability to not only land that dream job, but reach new heights of success!

Why Choose The Certus Group?

It is well known that, in business, productivity and money are lost when an open position remains unfilled.
The same can be said when a desk is filled but with an employee who is simply "not the right fit."

The Certus Group is dedicated to helping our client companies find the candidates that:

are a true fit...

to your company's culture and the overall team environment.

are fully qualified...

to manage the diverse intricacies of the position at hand.

are productive...

as well as effective, contributing members of their teams.

prove to be...

a truly cost effective investment and human talent resource.

show potential...

in their future career growth, achievements, and success.

are proven performers...

with a impressive track record for accomplishing given goals.