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How We Help with Client Success

"The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary."
- Sam Walton -

Without a properly built foundation, a structure is susceptible to collapsing. The recruitment process follows this same concept. A poorly planned recruitment strategy, while it may produce results, can easily lead to failure; the “collapse” of a team construct. This subsequently results in lost money, time, and productivity.

Our goal, as a partner to you, is to circumvent these losses, and the most effective means to accomplishing this is through proper comprehension of needs and definition of requirements. During the initial intake meetings, we will thoroughly examine the multiple facets of your organization, and most importantly, the role you seek to fill.

With these fine details in hand, only then can we begin to sculpt what will become the job description for the role and will dictate the recruitment strategy deployed.


While our competitors' recruitment efforts rely heavily on "traditional" means of sourcing applicants, The Certus Group's candidate sourcing strategy strays from conventional newspaper advertisements, cluttered job boards, and general applicant traffic.

We realize that the recruitment industry landscape has changed and that effective means of connecting with candidates has evolved significantly. As such, our team of Recruiters aggressively deploys sourcing techniques that maximize candidate reach, including "Direct Sourcing", otherwise known as head-hunting.

When combined with innovative networking resources such as online social groups and professional networking sites and conferences, our Recruitment Specialists are sure to capture the candidates that other recruitment firms miss out on.


The Certus Group of Companies Inc. is dedicated to ensuring your full satisfaction. As such, we stand behind our promise to deliver quality candidates and offer a competitive placement guarantee to all of our client companies.

To find out more, please contact one of our Executive Recruitment Specialists for additional details on how The Certus Group helps to protect your in investment in talent acquisition and human capital assets.

Why Choose The Certus Group?

It is well known that, in business, productivity and money are lost when an open position remains unfilled.
The same can be said when a desk is filled but with an employee who is simply "not the right fit."

The Certus Group is dedicated to helping our client companies find the candidates that:

are a true fit...

to your company's culture and the overall team environment.

are fully qualified...

to manage the diverse intricacies of the position at hand.

are productive...

as well as effective, contributing members of their teams.

prove to be...

a truly cost effective investment and human talent resource.

show potential...

in their future career growth, achievements, and success.

are proven performers...

with a impressive track record for accomplishing given goals.